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Maria Hernandez
Sr. Dante Valenzuela Mi esposo Pablo y yo Maria Alejandra quisieramos agradecerle a usted y a todo el personal de su agencia todas las atenciones, la calidez humana, buena organizacion y profesionalismo que hicieron de nuestro viaje al Peru una experiencia inolvidable. El cumplimiento en el itinerario fue muy puntual, los tours y los guias fueron maravillosos, la informacion que recibimos ........

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Welcome Peru
is a Tour Operator and Travel Agency for Peru, specializing in internet sales whose mission is to offer the highest quality in travel services while protecting the tourists’ interests during their stay in Peru.

Tourism in Peruru Tours-Peru Travel.
Here you will find the best guide and information on tourism, its ancient history, tours, useful information, photos, rich folklore, maps, hotels, important locations and latest discoveries. Country of great civilizations offers excellent tours for your holidays, visit: the Inca capital Cusco, Machu Picchu, Caral, the Nazca Lines, Chan Chan, the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, tours on Lake Titicaca, observe the flight of the Condor Colca Canyon, will be unforgettable.

In our country you can find 84 of the 114 life zones identified in our planet's rich biodiversity is represented in the Amazon with 1,700 varieties of birds, many mammals and all animals.

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On our site you will find information about Flora and Fauna, Sanctuaries and National Parks.
Our biodiversity makes it possible to offer nature-related tours, you can visit: Manu National Park, National Reserve Tambopata in Madre de Dios or the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Loreto, etc.
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We are specialist in designing tours and programs that will be able to be adapted to your requirements, find conventional and adventure tours such as the Inca Trail Trek, Choquequirao Trek or otherwise.

Spend a great holiday with friendly people, excellent cuisine, fine craftsmanship and impressive folklore


For the lovers of trekking, mountain andinismo and scaling always will find some torrents river  where to practice rafting, beautiful footpaths to pedalear in bicycle and discolos winds that hope to be tamed with wings delta and parapentes.

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The first civilization of Peru and America formed between 3000 and 2500 years a.C. in the valley of Supe, on the base of a set of communities located in urban establishments.
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Machu Picchu
The American professor Hiram Bingham looked for certain time the lost city of Vilcabamba. This one was the place that hid the past of the Incas. The 1911 he and its equipment went ..................
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Manu Park
The National Park of the Manu has a surface of 1' 716 295.22 hectares and represents part of the great biological diversity that exists in the Amazonian. Due to the altitudinal .................
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Chan Chan
It came from the sea, it is not known from where, in a fleet of rafts, with all its cut and soldiers, it arrived at the North coast of which today it is Peru, on the valley of Moche ..............................
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In 1987 the mass media worldwide announced a great archaeological finding, to that Mr. de Sipan was called to him. The zone of the discovery is located in the Lambayeque region, province of Chiclayo, district of Zaña, annexed of Sipan, small village of Rajada Huaca.
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