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Maria Hernandez
Martes, 10 julio del 2012, 18:33 hrs.
Sr. Dante Valenzuela Mi esposo Pablo y yo Maria Alejandra quisieramos agradecerle a usted y a todo el personal de su agencia todas las atenciones, la calidez humana, buena organizacion y profesionalismo que hicieron de nuestro viaje al Peru una experiencia inolvidable. El cumplimiento en el itinerario fue muy puntual, los tours y los guias fueron maravillosos, la informacion que recibimos ........

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Mistic & Esoteric Peru
Lima and Cusco
6 Days/5 Nights
From US$ 1210.00
Special tour to know the wonderful cities of Lima and Cusco, which home a great deal of cosmic energy, mystic rituals with a specialized guide on the subject.

Ayahuasca Mystic Tour in Puerto Maldonado
Ayahuasca, Santo Daime, Yague
This drink has been used for centuries in Peru, however, most people are not aware of its various uses. As a result it was only the rainforest inhabitants who used it for medical and mystical purposes.

Ayahuasca 3 days US$ 450.00
Ayahuasca 5 days US$ 898.00

Fishing in the river Tambopata
Payara - Pacu
7 Days/6 Nights (July a October)
Puerto Maldonado
From US$ 1,710.00
We’ll have the opportunity to go searching for the payara fish, which lives  in the zone of Tambopata This tour is totally aimed at fishing on the fresh white waters of the zone.

Adventure by bike
Cuzco - Puerto Maldonado
7 Days/6 Nights
From: US$ 622.00
We have designed this adventure with the idea of fully enjoying these beautiful landscapes with no big physical effort. As it is not a race, cyclers may enjoy the route with the aid of a vehicle.

Birdwatching in Iquitos
3 Days/2 Nights

From US$ 470.00
Tour specially prepared for those interested in studying the birds of the Peruvian jungle. For instance, some night birds as well as different varieties of amphibians and, hopefully, some species of monkeys.

Fishing Tour in Iquitos
4 Days/3 Night
From US$ 390.00
Tour created specially for the lovers of fishing. This time we will go fishing on the rivers of the jungle of Iquitos. Four beautiful days being in full contact with nature.

Ayahuasca Mystic Tour in Iquitos
4 Days/3 Nights
From US$ 364.00
A route by the jungle to know and experience the well-know hallucinogenic Ayahuasca, which constitutes the angular stone of the Chamanismo and Curanderismo in the towns of the Amazon areas.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve - Internal Zone
DAPAS-02 05 Days/04 Nights
From US$ 849.00
An unforgettable route by river Marañon which jointly with the river Ucayali give birth to the impressive river Amazon. It has its origin farther than 1500 km in the heights of Huanuco. It was through this waterway that the greatest part of the Amazon was explored and colonized in the XVI Century.


Pacaya Samiria National Reserve - External Zone
DAPAS-01 04 Days/03 Nights

From US$ 496.00
An impressive sight of the front gateway to the National Reserve Pacaya-Samiria. We will sail by the Amazon until reaching the river Yarapa, in whose borders lies our shelter Amazonian Inn Lodge (160 Km from Iquitos). The lodge lies inside a protected private area of 3.000 hectares in the external zone of the National Reserve Pacaya-Samiria.







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