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De: Norma Ilich
Enviado el: Sabado, 14 de Febrero del 2009 23:17 a.m.
Dante Valenzuela
Muchas gracias por tus excellentes servicios

Querido Dante:
Mi familia , amigos yo quedamos encantados con el Tour ofrecido por ti.
El servicio y calidad fue de primera. Muy bien organizado. La puntualidad, atencion y cuidado para nosotros fue excellente.
Durante los cuatro dias que visitamos Cuzco y sus alrededores, nos hicieron sentir muy especial.
Nos gustaria que hagas extensivo nuestros agradecimientos a todas las personas que nos brindaron sus atenciones y servicios en esa bella cuidad Incaica......

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The suitable implementation and Certification of the System of Environmental Management ISO 14001 obviously influence in the attractive turisticos asi let know it to Jose Bazan Berengel Director of Management of Quality during a conference made with industralists of the Sector Tourism of Puno. The benefits of their implementation segun the declared thing are: The improvement in the image of the company and its positive influence in the sales, the optimization of the relations with interested clients and other parts, the promotion of the development and sharing environmental solutions, among others. This system already had a successful experimental phase in the Sector Tourism of the Arequipa Region having contributed to elevate the quality of the turisticos services. An industralist of open tourism that the effort of the deprived industralist to standardize and to improve the turistica supply podria not to have the awaited exito if puneña is not complemented with executive actions from the Municipal Authority and other organizations with respect to the contamination of the Titikaka Lake and part of the city, in effect as it were possible to be verified the great absentees to this event of much importance was, aside from the Municipal and Regional Government, the authorities of the sectors: Mineria, Health, Education that has great responsibility in promoting a culture of conservation of the medio.ambiente and in the decontamination of bahia inner of the Titikaka Lake.
Source : T&T. 

They signed cooperation agreement

The Secretary Generals of the World-wide Organizacion of the Tourism, Francesco Frangialli, and of the Andean Community, Allan Wagner, subscribed a Memorando de Entendimiento for the Tecnica Cooperation and the Development of the Tourism in their respective seats of Madrid and Lima.
This joint initiative of the specialized organism of Nations United in the matter of tourism and of the Secretary General of Andean integration reflects the firm and common conviction that the nonsingle tourism is a key factor for La Paz, the understanding and the integration of the towns, but also one of the important activities but for reduccion of the poverty and economico and socially sustainable development of economias, in Andean individual of economias.
At the moment the tourism generates stops income in several of paises Andean and is fundamental source of use. In 2005, for example, the international arrivals to paises of the region were of 4.214.770 and the cost of the travellers I reach 3,332 million of dolares of the United States de America. The subscribed Agreement puts enfasis in the profit of the Objectives of Development of the Millenium, oriented to eradicate the poverty and to generate wealth and use by means of the development of the intra-subregional tourism and the turisticos consolidation of favorable conditions for the creation of new products and destinies and the expansion of receiving tourism, including the definition of proposals of politicas for the aerial transport, that allows to extend the turisticas routes and to improve the conditions of connectivity and the prices.
Also, it facilitated the promotion of the Andean tourism in the international markets; the creation of a platform of encounter, discussion and international reflection on the Andean and international tourism; and, the qualification of Andean tecnicos and the support reciproco at level of experts of the OMT and the SG-CAN, among others. The Memorando also aims at the beginning of a subregional project to establish in the Andean Community Cuenta Satellite of Turismo (CST), in order to measure the economico effect of the tourism in economias Andean. This has special meaning, dice the excellent paper of the activity in terminos of support to the macroeconomica stabilization and the generation of uses and investments in the subregion. Both Secretary Generals reiterated their satisfaction by the subscription of the Memorando de Entendimiento and made a call to the sectors I publish, industralists and operators to benefit from the cooperation opportunities that offer the agreement to support the turistico development of the Andean region in different ambitos.
Source: Red de Prensa Turistica


End of the 2006 podria to be spoken of a rise of 13%, in agreement with the projections the 274,444 foreign tourists who entered to the Peru in the first two months of the year represent a growth of 16% respect to the same period of the 2005, I inform Luis Fernando Helguero, vice-minister of Tourism.
Segun Helguero, 48% of this total (about 130,460 tourists) entrance to pais through international airport Jorge Chavez. I indicate, ademas, that between the concurred destinies but they appear the ruins of Machu Picchu, that they received 84,975 tourists, and the valley of the Colca, with 10,627 visitors.
On the other hand, also the currency entrance in the sector had an important growth in January and February respect to those same months of the 2005, this time of 17%, arriving at the USS244 million.
Can with these data be projected a global number of foraneos tourists for all the year? Helguero maintains that the growth podria to be of around 13% with respect to 1´485.000 of the total of tourists of the 2005, although there are diverse exogenos factors that podrian to vary the estadistica, such as the World-wide one of Futbol (it begins in June), that can modify the itineraries of the tourists, and the own presidential elections, that also podrian to modify the numbers slightly.
Also, estadisticas were on Peruvian that travelled abroad. Segun the viceministry, in those two months emigrated 158,815 residents in pais (5% but that in both first months of the 2005), with a USS123 currency debit million.
Changes in the unions: As much the National Camara of Tourism (Canatur) like the Peruvian Association of Hotels, Compatible Restaurants and (Now), both unions related to the tourism, have changed to their respective presidents recently. Segun Helguero, in which it is of his management looked for to continue working with these institutions in the fortification of National the Estrategico Plan of the Tourism (Pentur). "We tried to be in contact with the enemy with them. We needed to continue working, specially in those projects that are had altogether ", I indicate. Finally, the civil employee did not want to pronounce respect to the declarations spilled recently to the Commerce by minister of Foreign trade and Turismo, Alfredo Ferrero, around the management of the previous vice-minister of Tourism, Ramiro Rooms, that, segun Ferrero, not it support in its management. "I do not like to speak of previous managements", I conclude Helguero.
Source: Newspaper El Comercio


To title of the MINCETUR and industralists they agree in emphasizing fundamental roll of the PENTUR for the future of the turistica activity and definiran pending agenda for proximo government.
Minister of Foreign trade and Tourism, Alfredo Ferrero reunio with the representatives of the enterprise unions of the sector tourism of pais in order to yesterday settle down the subjects that can be solved in the proximos three months and define the pending agenda that recibira proximo government.
In reunion the CANATUR representatives participated, APPAI, APOTUR, AVIT, APAVIT, Society Hotels Of the Peru, AATC, Etica, NOW and APTAE, that agreed with the holder of the MINCETUR en the necessity that National the Estrategico Plan of Turismo (PENTUR) constitutes a document been worth for proximo government.
On the other hand, minister Alfredo Ferrero I emphasize the importance that the regions offer him to the PENTUR (2005-2015), plan designed by this government with the active participation of the private sector and the Regional Governments with the proposito to guarantee the sustainable and competitive development of the turistica activity of the Peru. "the PENTUR looks for to decentralize the turistica supply of pais because that is the unica form to guarantee the growth of the sector", I indicate.
With respect to the creation of a Ministry of Tourism, minister Alfredo Ferrero I reiterate that although in his opinion is not but the advisable thing, supported that initiative if the consensus of the private sector exists. "I believe that the creation of a debilitaria Ministry to the sector. If Tourism goes to go by its side, Foreign trade also hara. I consider that together we are but strong that separated. Nevertheless, if the sector Tourism wants or wishes to insist with the creation of a Ministry of Tourism will support that iniciativa a to weigh from which my opinion is different ", precise. Minister Alfredo Ferrero recomendo to the private sector to cohesionar themselves and to settle down a strategy of trabajo que allows them to obtain greater leadership in order that independently of the Minister of turn they can impel the pending subjects.
"It is necessary to fortify the sector as this becoming through growth of I number of visitors, it is necessary to decentralize the turistica supply and to stimulate the deprived investment", maintained. The holder of the MINCETUR I inform that proximamente a work factory was made where civil employees of the MINCETUR participated, the gremiales representatives of the sector tourism at level regional macro and of the Regional addresses of Foreign trade and Tourism in order to determine the pending agenda that government was given proximo.
During reunion, minister Alfredo Ferrero was accompanied of the Vice-minister of Tourism, Luis Fernando Helguero and of the general manager of PROMPERU, Elizabeth Bathelmess.
Source :


Director of the Huaca Project of the Moon, winner of the Prize Queen Sofia

The Prize Queen Sofia them key of the sky?
–Sure they are 36 thousand euros that we have invested in the project but that I offer much national and international prestige us. The Small farm loan bank Nor Peru finishes to us donating 20 thousand suns.
But old problems persist in the zone...
-We finished finishing to a plan for the proximos ten years. We already have a defined program of arqueologia, conservation, tourism and communitarian development. The countryside this becoming an independent turistico product of the Huaca of the Moon.
Everything to raiz of the arqueologico project?
–If, which is needed is to work in the territorial ordering.
The problem with the informal brickmakers...
–Exact, the territorial ordering includes to paralyze the brick manufacture and to eradicate the brickmakers, to avoid the contamination of grounds and subterraneas waters. We cannot speak of sustainable turistico development if a system of water-drainage for the local population does not exist.
Persists the problem with napa freatica that already affects Chan Chan?
–A study environmental impact of the Chavimochic project is needed, serious and rigorous because they have arisen totorales and the grounds of the coast have been salinizado.
Is so serious the contamination?
–The brickmakers no longer use firewood, now burn rims. To that the air contaminated with rest of birds of the avicolas farms is added, cracked of rice and gases of the automoviles.
The Huaca of the Moon already is the turistico epicenter of Trujillo?
–In fact, now it is the visited place but of all the northeastern circuit, despues of the Museum Real Tombs of Sipan.
And now that comes?
–One is the management before the INC. one to register to Huaca of the Moon like Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity before UNESCO. Another one is the recognition of ISO 14001.
¿Whe the ISO?
–Because he is indispensable for its turistico development, it is as if one was a hotel five stars.
But already it is management model...
–If, because it unites to the deprived company, the university and the local government. Until the press support we, single needs the support of PromPeru.
It is a management model that deberia to repeat itself...
–The repeated sera model in the Piramides de Tucume, has been created a patronage with financing of the Worl Monuments
Source: Newspaper La Republica


During the first trimester, chullo (tipico cap used by the settlers of Peruvian the $andes to protect itself inclemente of the climate) I export myself to a total of 24 paises by USS 41 thousands 577, 197% but that in similar period of the last year ", I inform the Association into Exporter (Adex).
Precise that in the period of analisis this tipica article envio mainly to Mexico to where I export 17% of the total (USS 7.053), followed of Argentina (12%), the U.S.A., (12%), Japon (10%) and France (10%). Other markets are Chile, Italy, Germany, Venezuela, New Zealand, Ucrania, Paises Low, United Kingdom and Spain, among others. "the chullos are articles that are required by boutiques, depending on his location, if they are of cities want them with modern designs but, it is why we developed them with some variations, tendencies but modern and in clear tonalities", I detail.
Precise that at the moment this increasing the interest of the North American buyers by alpaca articles just like those of Europe, that already know the quality the Peruvian alpaca.
One is due to indicate that in the 2005, the Peru I export chullos by USS 372 thousands 351. The main market was Italy with envios by USS 80 thousands 769, followed of Japon with USS 53 thousands 164, Mexico, among others.
Source: Radio RPP Noticias


Units that arrived at Ica comprised of the real flocks. Tecnologia for the raising of these animals sera transferred to iqueños.
The dunes of the desert iqueño already lodge to other five dromedarios, of the twenty that three years ago prometio to give to Ica the king of Morocco, Mohamed I SAW. They add themselves to the first four units that arrived 20 months ago at this burning desert like part of the hermanamiento of that distant pais of the African north and this warm department. Ademas, lives alli first cria on this species born in the Peru.
"Also, one paid to the construction and provisional preparation of the corrals and atmospheres where these viviran and the later construction of the new sand park in the bath of Huacachina, on a land of five hectareas, that constituira in the new attractive turistico of this province", I explain Luis Vila Gonzalez, general manager of the Provincial Municipality of Ica.
The new units take adhered to the neck a chip that allows to identify them and to take a rigorous sanitary control from its birth. This special treatment must to that the three females and two males who have arrived at the Peru comprised of the flocks of the king.
At the moment, the animals share the corral equipped by the provincial municipality in the week field of Ica. Alli also live other four units that arrived twenty months and Estrellita ago, first cria of dromedario that is Peruvian of birth.
Source: Newspaper El Comercio




Vestibule Web difundira information of the medicas specialties.
That Minister of Foreign trade and Tourism offers the Peru, Alfredo Ferrero I inform yesterday Tuesday that this año las exports del sector services arrived at the USS 2400 million. It went after presenting/displaying to the group exporting pilot Enjoys Peru Health, integrated by fourteen clinicas of pais that come taking care of nonresident patients, Peruvian and foreign.
"There is a growth of the sector services anywhere in the world, the services occupy 19% of the world-wide commerce. The export of services of health allows us to catch dolares of the foreigner, of the people who come to treat to the Peru and this demand services of health of high quality so that the visitors can feel satisfied and recommend to the Peru ", said. I indicate that ours pais this exporting around USS 20 billion in exports if goods and services are considered. "In order year we are going to export near 23 billion of dolares. Therefore, those are job of the Peruvians. It is good that we know to take care of what we have won and that it is not affected by the regional conjunctures. It is necessary to place the interests of the State over the particular conjuncture ", I indicate.
Minister Alfredo Ferrero I explain that the MINCETUR to traves of PROMPEX supports this initiative to promote the export of servicios de health. Also, I emphasize the presentation of the Vestibule Web in which information is published on the four medicas specialties that the Peru offers to the world through group pilot exportador Disfruta Peru Health.
Also, rebound the PROMPEX work that has allowed to publish Catalogo de Exportable Oferta of Services of Elective Health -2006 for the first time, same that sera distributed in the outside with the support of the Cancilleria. Minister of Foreign trade and Tourism, Dr Alfredo Ferrero accompanied by the Executive Director of Prompex, Mr. Juan Carlos Mathews, the Vice-president of the Republica, David Waissman, President de Adex, Mr. Luis Monteferri Fertile valley and the President of the Plan Exporting Pilot of Elective Health, Dr Jesus Ochoa, Durante the Launching of Marca Pais "Enjoys Peru Health" and the presentation the numbers Exports the first semester the present year.


Within the frame of the Project "Integral Fortification of the Tourism in Peru" FIT - Peru between the Ministry of Foreign trade and Tourism - MINCETUR and the Spanish Agency of Cooperation the International - AECI, was developed the Official Presentation of the Plans of Provincial Turistico Development for the region Cajamarca, the day Tuesday 02 of May to the 10:00 a.m., in the facilities of the Continental Great Hotel in the city of Cajamarca.
Plan of Turistico Development has been developed 01 for the province of Cajamarca and another one for the province of San Marcos by means of participativos factories with civil employees of the provincial and distritales municipalities and finally validated by the sector deprived during I complete semester del 2005.
The provincial Plans estan divided in: - I diagnose economico and turistico of each province indicating its potentialities.
- Vision, Mission and Estrategicos Objectives that serviran like lineamientos for the suitable Turistico Development.
- Immediate Plan of Action, that in the short term contains the necessary actions by each province.
- Profiles of turisticos projects to medium term in each province.
The Presentation of this Plan of Provincial Turistico Development is contemplated within the actions of Project FIT - Peru, in the component: Fortification of the Local and Regional Governments, in where one of the ambitos of action is the Cajamarca Region, being pending the official delivery of the Plans for the provinces of Lambayeque that was made in the proximos days.
The Presentation was carried out in the halls the Continental Great Hotel in the City of Cajamarca counting on the presence of the provincial and regional authorities.



The Commissioners of Tourism of these nations emitted a joint declaration in which they energicamente condemn the recent attack against two North American homosexual tourists.
New York journalists Dick Jefferson and Ryan Smith were attacked recently when coming out of a bar in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, by three individuals that shouted insults to them.
Both tourist they were transferred to the city of Miami to receive medica attention. Jefferson was registered to the few hours, but Smith remains hospitalized with cerebral injuries.
Theo Heyliger and Romeo Fleming, Commissioners of Tourism of St. Maarten and San Martin respectively, showed to their grief by the pain and the anguish caused the North American journalists and transmitted their solidarity to the relatives of victimas of the attacks. (Caribbean News).


The government of prime minister of this pais, Roosevelt Skerrit, aprobo licenses under the law of fiscal incentives to organizations of the private sector dedicated to hoteleria and the tourism, informed official sources.
These concessions, tax-free, are granted temporarily to foreign companies and national to stimulate the investment, the production and the generation of uses in the island, it adds the official notice. Their terminos and conditions guarantee that the companies spend when finalizing the year of operations and use to workers of pais.
The cabinet of Skerrit considers that the initiative permitira a economico growth of but of the three percent of the Internal Product Gross east year.
Located in the Caribbean Sea, Dominican it has a population near the 70 thousand inhabitants. Its main economica activity is the agriculture, whose production of banana trees, citricos, coconuts, cacao, cinnamon, grains of vanilla and vegetables has like main destinies United Kingdom, paises of the Community of Nations del Caribbean, United Italy and Estados. (Caribbean News).



The National Camara of Tourism of this pais (CANATUR) bet to the observation of whales as turistica modality to attract the greater one I number of visitors.
With that objective in mind, the organization organized this week a seminary teorico-I practice, supported by specialists of the Ministry of Atmosphere and Recursos Naturales (MARENA), to enable to tour operators.
In agreement with the president of CANATUR, Lucy Valenti, they tried to attract the ecoturistas, and those interested in the investigativo tourism, that make many schools and universities of the world.
Data contributed by MARENA assure that of the 87 species of cetaceos known, 27 visit every year the Central American region between the months of December March, in search of but warm waters.
The blue whale, the jorobada one, the Cachalote, orca and the dolphins count themselves between but the assiduous ones.
In the case of Nicaragua, the sightings of whales are but frequent in bahia of San Juan of the South, Chacocente and Corinto, in the coast of the oceano Pacifico.
Until the moment, single Costa Rica it offers this turistica modality in Centroamerica, which is very popular in paises like Dominican Republica, where every year thousands of people they arrive to observe the jorobadas whales. (Caribbean News).





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